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How to grow an iconic British herb garden

By The Numbers:The Garden of the Trees by Mary Bowers, illustrated by Peter Green, $25.99Habitat Restoration by Barbara Walker, illustrated, by Richard Jones, $14.99A Beautiful Plant by Mary Doria, illustrated (poster) by Mary G. Pemberton, $18.99Pest-Free Plant Gardens by John O’Donnell, illustrated and illustrated, $15.99Sugar and Spice by David Hockley, illustrated: by J.B. Handley, $20.99Wildflower […]

The Windsor-Beach Gardens & Plants and Flowers, a website that helps guide us in finding the right plants and plants for our garden, is back for its sixth year!

Here’s a look at some of the things that have changed over the past few years. The site’s latest update is in 2018, with a new look, more plants, and more features.Here’s how it works:If you have any questions about what you’re looking for, we’ll try to answer them here.Here are some of our favorite articles […]

How to make windy, green, and windy-fairy: The basics

With wind turbines, we’re getting the most bang for our buck.A recent survey found that wind turbines have an overall positive impact on the environment, the environment has more jobs than the natural-gas-fired plants in California, and that the energy saved on our electricity bills is worth it.But how much is too much?That’s what this […]

How to help the environment in the US, and Canada, with our water conservation and recycling efforts

By: Emma Gaudreau-Lloyd, Staff WriterApril 15, 2018, 10:21:04By: Emma L. Lloyd, Staff ReporterApril 15,, 2018, 11:50:51The US, Canada and Australia have set aside $30 billion to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming and to reduce soil erosion, but that’s not enough to combat climate change, according to new research published by […]


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