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How to find a new plant for your garden

If you live in the suburbs, you probably have a favorite flower that you love to have around.If you’re looking for a little more variety, here are 10 flowers to try in the New England area.1.Dandelion 1.0 and 2.0.The dandelion has been a favorite in the Northeast for a long time.This flowering plant can be […]

When is the best time to plant your plants?

Rehobeth Beach, MD, US – January 20, 2019 The water here is hot.The sun is hot and the wind is very hot.We’ve been living in the water since we were babies.In the winter, it’s usually the most humid and warm of all places.We are used to it, but now it’s winter again.I think my biggest […]

Which plant or flower can be grown in a pond?

The question of whether pond gardening can be done safely has been debated since the first pond garden was invented, but there is no consensus.The pond garden is still the preferred way to grow plants and it is still used to produce compost.Pond gardening has been used to help produce compost in the past, but […]

Why wind farms are so important to this beach

We’re not here to judge.We’re here to enjoy the breeze, we said.We just like the smell of a warm breeze, too.That is, unless you live in the southern half of Delaware County.But in the summer, the wind is often the worst thing for the birds, as it blows over the Atlantic Ocean.That’s because of the […]

When Nature and the Environment Are Your Friends

The ancient plant and tree communities of China are in a state of crisis.In the aftermath of the 2011-12 floods, the Chinese government declared an emergency and declared that the country was in a severe drought.The government had already issued more than 1,000 warnings, warning people to avoid outdoor activities and not to go outdoors […]

What are the benefits of flowering plants and flowers?

It’s hard to imagine a flower as different from a plant as the blooming one that’s been here for generations, but that’s what we’re talking about.Plants like the fragrant flowers, the colorful flowers, and the fragrances that attract birds to the flowers, but we also have to remember that these plants, like any flower, have […]

How do flowers grow in windy and wet conditions?

Rehoboths Beach, Long Island.(AP/Jessica Hill) The sun is shining, the wind is blowing, and the sea is blowing.The Atlantic Ocean winds are gusting at a record pace, creating the perfect storm for flowering plants.The sea is churning, and there are many floating islands and beach areas in the area that harbor blooms and other aquatic […]


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