Month: August 2021

Wind, flowers and plants: Why is it a popular hobby?

Windsor, Maine is an area of northern Maine with an abundance of natural, cultural, and historic resources, including many forests, wetlands, and grasslands.While there are a number of recreational options available for the many who enjoy wind, flowers, and other plant-based foods, one of the most popular and frequently visited attractions in the area is […]

When the winds blow, flowers flourish

In a new study, researchers from the University of Windsor have found that plants and the flowers they produce can survive extremely low levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO 2 ).The research is the first to show that carbon dioxide concentrations can be controlled in a non-CO 2 atmosphere, says lead author Prof. Mark B. […]

The World of Windsor’s Flowers and Plants

We have a new look at the World of Plants, featuring some of the most stunning flowers and plants in the world.We’ve teamed up with the incredible team at The Gardens of Windsore to bring you the latest in flower and plant life from this year.For starters, we have the world’s best-known species of flowers […]

How to tell if a plant is blooming or not

We have all been there.You’ve just been on vacation and you get a new pet, and your pet is not blooming, so you know your pet’s not going to be around for long.So you look for signs of blooming plants in the garden, but you know you’ve missed it, right?Wrong!It’s a rare mistake.But if you’re […]

A flowering plant’s life cycle

The flowering plant life cycle of a flower plant is a long, gradual journey, as it takes many years to flower.It is one of the most complex of plants, so understanding its processes and the changes it goes through is key to the success of the plant and its growth.For example, many flowering plants have […]


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