From growing plants to making wind-powered lawns, wind-generated power is growing fast.

And, as more people are starting to realize the power of wind power, it is making it easier for the public to embrace it.

In the past year, the number of Americans who have installed solar panels on their homes has more than doubled.

The U.S. Solar Energy Industries Association says it expects solar to become the leading source of new residential solar installations in 2019.

But with that growth comes more challenges for the industry.

One of the biggest challenges is the installation of wind turbines on rooftops, which can cost up to $1,000, according to one study.

“This is a large investment that is not covered by a homeowners association, and it’s not covered with any warranties,” said Mark O’Neill, the association’s executive director.

The other challenge is finding ways to make those rooftop installations cost-effective.

A company called The Rebuild, which specializes in installing wind turbines, says it has found a way to make its panels less expensive.

In some cases, it takes just five minutes to make a simple installation, compared to a typical installation that takes a couple of days.

The Rebuild’s technology is similar to that of a solar panel installer.

Instead of placing a piece of equipment directly in the path of the wind, the company uses a technique called laser cutting to cut through a material.

The machine uses the laser to cut into a sheet of material called a micro-channel.

The company says it can cut through nearly any type of material, including plywood, wood, cardboard, and even metal.

It has installed more than 3,000 solar panels in the past five years, making the company the second-largest installer of wind-turbine panels in New York state, according the New York Times.

The technology is also very flexible, said O’Sullivan.

For instance, the micro-channels can be cut out of a plastic sheet, or the company could use the technology to make them out of any type that can be easily fabricated.

Another solution for homeowners that could be an easy way to reduce installation costs is to install solar panels as a part of a larger homeowners association.

The ReBuild’s micro-mirror system, which costs about $100, can be installed on a single roof, and homeowners who have it can install it on every part of their property.

“In a typical association, you might have a building that is just one-story and it would be a little expensive,” O’Brien said.

“With this, we can install on all of those houses, and all of the homeowners are able to have a solar installation.”

While the technology is still in its infancy, solar is becoming more affordable as more homeowners become familiar with it.

A recent study by the Institute for Local Self-Reliance found that homes in New Jersey are buying solar panels for less than $3 a watt, and in Florida homeowners are spending an average of $1.40 a watt.

In addition to the power generated from the sun, wind power also has a variety of other benefits, including helping reduce the need for fossil fuels.

The cost of building and maintaining wind turbines is significantly less than building a traditional power plant.

O’Neil said the industry is not ready to completely replace the fossil fuel industry.

“But wind is a great example of what a distributed, sustainable energy source can do,” he said.

For more on how wind energy is changing our lives, watch Fortune’s documentary The Power of Wind:How to Make Wind-powered Plants and Plants for Wind Turbines, or read more about the solar industry and how it is changing the world.