With summertime coming, water managers are urging residents to keep a close eye on the city’s beaches and to follow the water quality guidelines for the season.

Windsor residents are urged to keep out of the water in the coming weeks.

Water managers urge people to use caution around the water, particularly around the areas of the city that are prone to erosion.

For example, the city has a beach area at the intersection of Main and S. Rehoboam streets in Rehobeast Beach.

Water flows in the area and the city is required to follow water quality rules.

Water quality guidelines are published at www.cityofrehobeas.org.

Wind- and water-safety experts from the Water Protection Agency are working with the City of Rehobos Beach to help guide the public to keep their eyes peeled for water quality violations and to monitor for signs of erosion.

The advisory comes as the city prepares for a series of water quality advisories for the next two weeks.

In the meantime, the department has issued advisories and notices about the water safety in several areas of ReHobos Beach, including on the north side of the beach and along the north shore.

Water quality advisries are issued by the city to warn residents to take precautions for water safety, and to warn visitors about water quality hazards in the areas.