Posted September 27, 2018 07:18:46 Wind turbines are huge, heavy and expensive.

That’s why they’re often not built in places where people are going to live.

That also means that the plants and animals that live near wind turbines are not necessarily in the best place to have them, according to a new study.

The researchers at Cornell University and the University of Michigan say that it’s possible to grow plants and other animals on land that is suitable for growing wind turbines.

The authors say that windmilling sites should not be located in the same regions where people live because of the risks of disease, insect outbreaks and other problems associated with being close to the turbines.

In addition, they say, wind turbines can harm plants and wildlife, which could lead to increased rates of disease and death.

Here’s what you should know about the wind turbine: What are wind turbines?

Wind turbines have blades that can produce wind and power power.

These blades can be attached to buildings, roads or even airplanes.

But there are other ways that wind turbines work.

Windmills are massive machines that can create wind turbines that generate electricity.

Wind turbines can create enough electricity to power a house for about 100 years.

Wind-powered turbines generate a lot of electricity to produce a lot more power than traditional electricity-generating turbines.

Windmill construction is more expensive than other types of power plants, but this costs more than other kinds of power sources because of costs associated with the building, transportation and maintenance of turbines.

Why do wind turbines require so much electricity?

Windmilling requires a lot, so much that it can’t produce electricity for a long period of time without it.

Windfarms generate electricity by blowing air into the earth, called wind.

The air is then cooled by the sun.

The heat of the sun’s rays on the surface of the earth makes the air flow into the blades and then out again.

The blades spin, and the air is compressed.

The pressure created from this compressed air causes the blades to spin.

This creates a lot energy that is stored in the blades, which is used for generating electricity.

The energy stored in wind turbines is then released in the form of electricity.

So wind turbines create a lot electricity.

What are the main ways wind turbines affect wildlife?

Wind farms create a problem for wildlife, too.

Wind farms can cause wind damage to birds, bats and other wildlife, including birds that nest in wind-blown vegetation.

Birds can also be killed by wind turbines, especially when they’re feeding in windmelt runoff from turbines, according the study.

Bird mortality rates have also been linked to wind farm damage, and birds that are already dead have been reported to be killed at higher rates in the aftermath of wind turbines because of wind-induced wind damage, the researchers said.

Wind farm workers often wear masks, so it’s not easy to tell if they’re blowing wind turbines at a bird or a human.

They also have a difficult time seeing the birds as they pass through the turbines, the study said.

Birds are also sometimes killed when birds are not aware that the wind turbines have been built on their property, and it’s unclear if they are aware that they’re nearby.

What do wind farms look like?

Wind turbine blades have a number of different sizes.

They vary in size from 10 feet to 40 feet in diameter, according a wind turbine site map.

The larger blades are called rotor blades.

The smaller blades are wind turbine blades, and they have a much smaller diameter than the larger blades.

Some wind turbine sites have towers built into the towers that are usually located on a hillside, while others have towers that can be installed on any property.

Wind turbine towers can vary from 50 feet high to 100 feet high.

What’s the difference between wind turbines and solar panels?

Wind farm facilities can use a lot less energy and produce less energy than traditional power plants.

Wind power is produced by blowing heat out of the atmosphere, so the energy is stored on the blades.

Solar panels are designed to use solar energy to generate electricity, and those solar panels have a lot smaller, thinner and more compact blades.

How do I make wind turbines in my backyard?

Wind power facilities can be built on land where people normally live, like the edge of a hill, or in a neighborhood.

If a wind farm is planned near a residential neighborhood, the owner of the property can be responsible for installing the wind farm on the property.

But if the owner does not own the property, the wind project can be constructed elsewhere.

How can I protect my garden from wind turbines near my property?

Windy weather can be a challenge when it comes to keeping your windmowers from blowing into your property.

When you’re not looking at the horizon