WASHINGTON — Virginia has recorded its first-ever coronaviruses case, the first time a county has had a statewide outbreak since the pandemic began.

New Jersey has recorded three confirmed cases, the most in the country, and New Yorkers have reported five.

The cases in each of the three counties are not necessarily related.

Officials are trying to figure out how many people have died of the virus.

There have been several days of relative calm in Washington, D.C., since the start of the pandemics, and some in the city said they were hopeful the outbreak would slow down.

“I don’t think we’re going to see a spike,” said George Siegel, a 65-year-old retired schoolteacher from Virginia Beach.

“We’ve seen the pandems here and it has been much smaller than in New York and in the states.

I think we’ll see some sort of a slowing down and I don’t expect a big spike in the number of people coming in to the city.

We’re seeing more people coming from out of state, and the virus is spreading much more slowly in Virginia than it is in New Jersey.

Washington’s case rate is not as high as New York or New York City, but officials said it’s far lower than the rates in other counties.

More: At least nine cases of coronavirene were confirmed in the state this week, including two in the central Virginia city of Newport News.

Virginia Beach, Va., is among the cities with the highest death toll in the nation, with at least 1,600 people reported dead and another 7,500 hospitalized.

In New York, at least 676 people have been diagnosed with coronavirochavirus, according to the state Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

At the CDC, the agency said it is taking about 6,000 additional cases of the coronovirus to meet its goal of reducing the number to zero by 2020.

While the coronavalvirus pandemic is a local disease, it is not limited to one community, officials said.

People can now wear face masks and contact persons at public parks, schools, hospitals and other sites.

It’s also possible to get vaccinated against the virus and is being used in areas where the pandics have spread, including in New England, California and Hawaii, according the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.