WINDOWS, Ontario (AP) In a sign of how quickly Ontario’s drought has taken hold, it’s looking like the wind is once again at work.

The province’s drought-stricken economy has been hit hard by the weather, with the number of businesses in Ontario plunging by a third in the last six months.

The province’s main water source is in need of more water than ever, with Lake Ontario dry and Lake Erie brimming with water.

The government has asked the federal government to provide a supplement of up to $1.2 billion to help offset some of the costs.

The federal government has already pledged $500 million in new money for Ontario, but has not provided any additional funding.

That is because the government is trying to reach a deal with Ottawa that would allow the province to use the money to help fill in the holes in the economy, including a $20 million fund that will help low-income families and people with disabilities, as well as money for infrastructure projects.

The wind is still a factor in the state’s economy, with some businesses that are not dependent on the province’s water supply struggling.

In the past, businesses in the area of the Windermere Resort and Marina have been shut down for several weeks.

That prompted a community protest, which ended when the wind blew the closure order back, according to a Facebook post by the Windstream Beach Resort Association.

The resort association is trying again to get the resort back open, and hopes to reopen by next weekend, said a spokeswoman.