A stream of water drips off the grass on the lawn of a Newport Beach man as he walks through the area.

A small crowd of spectators watch from a distance.

The stream, named for the iconic city of Newport Beach, washes over the lawn as the man walks through.

The stream washes into the grass as the sun rises over Newport Beach.

This is the scene from the grass at the Newport Beach Golf Club.

The man, who has no beard, is holding a hand-painted sign with the words, “Flowering Plant and Conifer Life Cycle.”

The grass is green and yellow.

The water dries it out, the man says.

Flowers bloom from the water and create a lovely garden atmosphere.

He is the only one of the many people on the grass.

He is the owner of the grass and is proud to be part of this event.

The grass and trees are all grown on the Newport-Beach golf course.