Rehoboths Beach, VA (WAVY) — A group of wind turbines, including a large one on the Rehoboost Beaches, has been planted with more than 1,000 flowering plants and about 300 conifers in the Beaches community.

The plants, which are in the area for several years, were grown by the Reharos Wind Farm in a small group by the shoreline of the beach.

The wind farm is being built along the shore, with the turbines to the east of the pier.

The turbines are part of a pilot project at Rehoby’s Beaches and the wind farm will have the largest and most powerful wind farm in Virginia, and the largest wind farm on the Chesapeake Bay.

The turbines will be on a peninsula off of the coast of Rehoub, Virginia, just south of the Virginia Beach, Va. area.

The project, called Wind Turbine Park, was announced on Friday by the Wind Turfers Association of America, which is a nonprofit organization representing more than 50 wind turbine manufacturers.

The group says the wind farms will help support Rehobe’s economy, promote tourism and support the restoration of the Cheshire Islands ecosystem.

The Rehobos Beach community, which has a population of about 30,000, is home to about 200 native plant species and over 400 species of conifered trees.