The Rehoboost Beach, which is a popular destination for beach-goers in the area, was once a popular fishing spot.

But the sand, reefs and other shoreline features that once made it so popular are disappearing.

The beach is undergoing a major overhaul as part of the Great Reclamation Project.

It is expected to be completed in the next five to 10 years, and there is talk that it could be ready by 2020.

Here are the five most significant changes expected in the beach area.1.

The beach will be larger and the beach will feature more vegetation, like the blooms and plants, that are the most common in the region.

This is due to the Rehabilitation Project, which includes $20 million in federal grants to create a park, playground and water park in the park.

That park will also include an expanded beach.

There is talk of extending the beach by a quarter mile.2.

The area will have an improved trail system that will also improve the area’s visibility and safety.

This includes the addition of a trail system with a canopy, which will allow for more visibility.

The canopy will provide better visibility for the public and help create more walking paths for residents, joggers and other people who want to explore the area.3.

There will be a new beach-front structure.

This will be the largest structure on the beach, with more than 100,000 square feet of space.

This structure will include a restaurant, restrooms and more.4.

There are more benches, and more shade.

There has been talk about adding a playground for the park and other recreational uses, but it is not expected to start until next year.5.

There could be more shade, especially at night.

The new beach will include shade on the north and south sides of the beach.

The park is expected be finished by 2020 and the Beachfront Development Authority has proposed a $1 million grant to begin construction.